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Pet Commission
Commissions are done in mixed technique of colour pencil and acrylic.
Please contact me for more information at:

For a PDF Brouchre click here:
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A selection of my commissioned artworks
A Client from France
“magnifique Irina, c'est trop beau”
“Irina beautiful , it's too good”
“magnifique !!!!!
“I love it”
A Client from the UK

“I stumbled across Irina's work a couple of years ago
and instantly fell in love with it.
I am fortunate to own several commissioned pieces.
Irina's work never fails to bring a smile to my face.
Her eye for detail is second to none.
Irina has the ability of bringing her work to life.
We have a unique memory of our beloved pets
and they will always be with us through her art. “
A client from Australia

"When I received the portrait of my beautiful boy Hamish, I couldn't believe how lifelike it was.
He was my heart and soul and he looked like he could just step off the page.
I miss him so much but having his picture where I can see
it every day makes it feel like he is still with me.
Irina's talent is outstanding. The time she takes to perfect her work,
the frequent updates of how the piece is going and the care and love she puts into each stroke,
is truly inspirational.
I have recommended her to many of my friends and have asked for further commissions
from her as gifts for other people.”

I do pet commissions from your photos.
If you would like more information please contact me at the email address below. Commissions are done in mixed technique of colour pencil and acrylic.

I work from photos of your pets which are normally dealt with by email. I will need good quality photographs with good lighting and contrast and with sharp focus. To get the most accurate picture of your pet I need to be able to see all the detail, such as the correct colour of the fur, eyes and any other features of your pet. Also avoid any photos with lens distortion. Photos taken in natural light are the best. I will need to have one photo which displays the pose you would like in the final art work, but as well as this I need as many other photos as possible. This will help me understand you pet and helps with the final result. I always have a lot of questions to start with so we can get the picture you want.
Once the work is completed I will email the result for you to take a look at and approve.
The price of the pictures will depend on size, how much of the pet will be in the picture, the breed and any details around the pet but to give an idea of starting prices (with 50% deposit on starting the work):

Animals are my favourite subjects by far. I particularly enjoy depicting all the fine details as accurately as possible as well as capturing the character of the subject in my art works